We do not currently offer in house rug repairs, however Helen the sewing wonder of HG Rug Repairs has a pick up/drop off point here, at Sunshine Coast Saddlery.


This is a FREE Pick up/drop off service we offer as a convenience for our CUSTOMERS and to support a local business.
HG Rugs is a separate business and we are just a pick up/drop off point.
Please ensure you read the following guidelines to ensure we can continue to offer this service.

  • Bring your rugs ready to go in your own bag with your name and number largely printed on the outside
  • Leave any instructions inside the bag
  • Only washed rugs only at this premises
  • Collect your rugs promptly, uncollected rugs will be sent back to HG Rugs for collection
  • Bring CASH for your repairs as we cannot offer EFTPOS for repairs. Please bring correct cash or close to.

Any queries to be directed to Helen of HG Rugs.
Whilst we take care with your rug repairs, any loss is not our responsibility.