Makebe is always looking for a link between tradition and innovation.

With so many years of experience in the equestrian industry, Makebe aims to express through his creations the true story of products that are synonymous of style and Italian culture.

Makebe creations are entirely handmade in Italy with original materials, as a result of a lifestyle based on hard work, dedication, creativity and imagination, using modern technology.

Makebe is a brand based on family values, honesty and loyalty. Passion is the center of everything. Diversity and uniqueness are the cornerstones of Makebe productivity.

Makebe Equestrian is Italian Elegance

Makebe is a family-owned manufacturer of stylish equestrian clothes, tack and accessories. The artistry of Italian fashion is visibly prevalent in all their products, especially since everything is proudly made in Italy. It remains hard to beat Makebe equestrian products for the impression it creates both on and off the horse.

Stylish Support With Makebe Stirrups

Who dictated that stirrups must be boring hoops of metal? Not us and certainly not Makebe, that creates beautiful stirrups that make as much a statement as they are functional in aiding the rider to maintain balance in the saddle. Compared to traditional stirrups, Makebe stirrups offer the following:

  • Makebe stirrups are designed and hand-crafted in Italy by master smiths to ensure consistent quality in look and safety. Aluminium creates a durable and strong stirrup, yet it remains light in weight. This is especially relevant to showjumping, where any excess weight can be detrimental to performance.
  • The innovative grip on the tread, made from solid aluminium, prevents the stirrup from slipping out under the boot. Yet it cleans easily, allowing you to maintain your tack in top showing condition.
  • The stirrups are available in nine different colours, which is part of the anodising process applied to enhance the surface durability of the aluminium. This allows for perfect colour co-ordination with the rest of your tack.

Italian Fashion With Makebe

Makebe manufactures more than just stirrups and the matching stirrup leathers. They have a vast and diverse catalogue of Italian style that is directly available from Sunshine Coast Saddlery. This long list includes: bridles, spurs, horse boots, snaffles and bits, saddle pads, sheets and rugs, exercise bandages, riding boots, men's and women's clothing, and fashion accessories. All made in Italy using the best raw materials from around the world.

  • Men's and women's clothing. Makebe makes stylish casual wear and formal competition clothes for all riders. The show jackets, shirts and breeches are perfectly complemented by the hand-crafted boots in fine leather. Emphasis is placed on a synergy between fashion, movement, comfort and safety. Accessories include belts, bracelets, ties and bags.
  • Snaffles and bits. Makebe manufactures its own brand of snaffles and bits under the name LimoBits. They use a thermoplastic elastomer for the mouthpiece that removes the metal taste often despised by horses. The mouthpieces are available in medium soft (green) and soft (red). The cheek pieces and shanks are made from anodised aluminium or durable Swedish steel.
  • Tendon and fetlock boots. The boots are made with a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) outer shell that provides excellent tendon and fetlock protection. The removal inner is either made from wool or neoprene, as these are the best materials for impact absorption and forming a contoured fit for comfort.

About Sunshine Coast Saddlery

We are the premier equestrian shop in Cooroy and the northern Sunshine Coast because of our helpful knowledge and extensive selection of products. Our shop keeps regular business hours, and our webshop ships equestrian products to anywhere in Australia.

Contact us today if you seek a specific Makebe product or have a query about shirt sizes.

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