Sprenger bits have long been the top choice of knowledgeable equestrians for many years. Simply, their bits are based on a deep understanding of horse mouth anatomy.

Since 1872 SPRENGER sets new standards in the production of bits, stirrups and spurs.

The correct equipment is essential for the successful interaction between horse and rider.

“SPRENGER – the manufacturer” captures the complex production of a horse bit. Careful workmanship and the highest quality standards characterise this superior product: Sensogan bits from SPRENGER – Made in Germany.

One might argue that the Bit you use for your horse is the most important piece of horse riding equipment that you will buy for your horse.

Your bit is an integral part of how you communicate with your horse while riding. And for your horse to be relaxed and giving it goes without saying that they must be comfortable. Herm Sprenger manufacture a range of bits that are made with horse mouth anatomy at the forefront, backed by collaboration with professionals, research and the use of quality materials & manufacturing techniques. We are so pleased to stock Sprenger Bits Australia.

Read more about the main meatl Sprenger uses, Sensogan, below.

What is Sensogan (Made in Germany)

Sensogan by Sprenger has been developed based on scientific research in order to be used in the horse’s mouth. It is nickel-free and consists of the micronutrients copper, manganese and zinc. Manganese hardens the copper without influencing the natural oxidation process. Sensogan has been toxicologically tested by the University of Veterinary Medicine in Hannover and practically tested by professional top-level riders and the German Riding School. It is proven to increase the salivation and mouthing activity of the horse which positively influences the horse’s comfort, concentration and willingness to perform. 

Sprenger develops and creates bits and bit materials in order to allow the best possible communication between horse and rider and respect the different characters of horses that are not only sports partners but family members for most riders.

Sprenger know and care that a bit is used in the horse’s mouth - a very sensitive part of its body – and gets in contact with saliva and mucous membranes. It has to resist difficult and different conditions since it is affected by saliva, water, dirt, teeth, sun or feed remains and is exposed to the temperature differences of the seasons for several years and everyday use.

Therefore we find Sensogan the perfect bit material because it is solid, durable, non-toxic as well as proven and tested by professionals.

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