boots are designed for durability and are made with the finest quality leathers to ensure performance and protection. 
Here are just a few tricks to care for it.

  • Remove anything that might damage the skin of the boot after use
  • Keep the boot away from heat sources - (ie away from direct sun, fire etc)
  • Store in a dry place. 
  • Also remember you should let any sweat inside your boots to dry naturally before inserting any boot trees that won't allow that air flow, as sweat and prolonged moisture is a major factor in breaking down/changing any leather.
  • Wipe them with a barely damp soft cloth after use - removing sweat dirt etc.
  • Apply a cream cleaner of the same color of the boot
  • We recommend after each use to clean the zipper to preserve it's functionality, to remove dirt from the hinge, using a brush; make sure the zipper is completely open while wearing or removing the boot.