Hygain Safeguard Eq Toxin Binder For Horses

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The same trusted and proven formula of Hygain toxin binder for horses but in a great new look!

HYGAIN® SAFEGUARD EQ® is a pelleted broad-spectrum mycotoxin binder formulated for all equines, which may assist in the quick and effective absorption of mycotoxins, minimizing associated negative health and performance problems.

Due to the difficulty to predict the occurrence of mycotoxins in your horse’s diet, it is advised to add a broad-spectrum mycotoxin binder to your horse’s diet, which simply binds the mycotoxins and passes them through the digestive tract, exiting with the manure.

Certain fungi found on fresh pasture grasses, conserved roughage (hay, chaff, straw) and in grains can produce secondary compounds called mycotoxins. Several types of mycotoxins exist which may interact, especially under favourable environmental conditions such as in warm and humid climates. Mycotoxins may contaminate feeds or grains and are hard to detect due to their odourless, tasteless and invisible presence.

The horse’s digestive system is sensitive to the effects of mycotoxins, as the gastric juices in the stomach cannot effectively deactivate the mycotoxins and these therefore enter the sensitive small intestine and hindgut. Once mycotoxins reach the hindgut they may affect the intestinal wall or enter the horse’s blood stream, which can result in respiratory, gastrointestinal, neurological and reproductive issues.

Safeguard EQ® may be of benefit to horses exhibiting one or more of the following symptoms: Stringhalt, aggressive or unruly behaviour, hypersensitivity / ‘girthiness’, poor coat quality, diarrhoea, poor conditioning and rye grass staggers.

Highly palatable, great for fussy eaters.

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