Winning Tongue plate bits are one of our best selling bits here at Sunshine Coast Saddlery.

The WTP bit is a great mouthpiece for a myriad of different reasons. 

The unique centre plate & design of the winning tongue plate bit:

  • Stops the bit pinching the tongue
  • Stops the tongue from getting over the bit
  • Stops roof rubbing, lip pinching and cheek pain
  • Can lead to stopping leaning and or running through the bit
  • Can lead to stopping head shaking, pulling or bolting
  • Can lead to stopping the horse from leaning on one rein
  • Can lead to stopping the horse pulling the reins through your hands
  • Can lead to stopping the horse hanging, rearing and bucking
  • Stops displacement of the soft palate
  • Can reduce mouth opening and respiratory noise
  • Better oxygen supply
  • Better shoulder & hindquarter movement
  • Stops bit chewing and grinding

In comparison to a traditional jointed snaffle, the WTP centre piece sits 50mm more back on the tongue and the centrepiece is enclosed and only 11mm in height, therefore preventing, bit pinching, roof rubbing and poor bit contact.

Most bitting issues can, in one way or another, be tied back to bit discomfort at one point or another in the horses life. Providing a comfortable alternative can only increase your chances of acceptance and relaxation in the contact. The WTP encourages this by providing an anatomically comfortable and uncomplicated mouthpiece.

Horses show resistance in a lot of undesirable forms of behaviour, ensuring that it's not discomfort related should always be the first port of call before reaching for a harsher bit. If we take away the discomfort we can in most cases take away the resistance in the first place.

The Winning Tongue Plate bit is available in:

  • WTP Ring Bit - extended or normal plate - 4.5", 5"
  • WTP Polo Gag Bit - extended or normal plate - 5", 5.5"
  • WTP Loose Ring Universal 3 or 4 ring - extended or normal plate - 5", 5.5"
  • WTP Western Universal Bit - extended or normal plate - 5", 5.5"
  • WTP Half Cheek Snaffle - extended or normal plate - 4.5", 5"
  • WTP Full Cheek Snaffle - extended or normal plate - 4.5"(np), 5", 5.5"
  • WTP Eggbutt Snaffle - extended or normal plate - 4.5", 5", 5.5"
  • WTP Loosering Snaffle - extended or normal plate - 4", 4.5", 5", 5.5", 6"
  • WTP Dee Snaffle - normal plate - 5"
  • WTP Loosering Bit With Brakes- extended or normal plate - 4.5", 5", 5.5"

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