About Stirrup Leathers

About Stirrup Leathers

What size stirrup leathers do I need is a very common question we get asked in the shop. So we thought, why not give a little 'how to' on all things Stirrup leathers! Let's begin...

How To Measure Stirrup Leathers

It's super simple to measure your existing leathers, you just measure from the top of the buckle to the end of the leather.

Stirrup Leather Lengths

Stirrup length for Jumping, the average adult takes 54 inch stirrup leathers.
A shorter rider is more likely to take a 48 to 52 inch length Stirrup Leather. Tall adult riders generally require a 56 inch length.
Children usually require 48 inch leathers, which are harder to come by. We have a range of suitable kids length stirrup leathers in stock sizes leathers down to 95cm (37") and quality leathers we have had custom made down to a 47".

Stirrup length for Dressage, the average length of dressage stirrup leathers is 58 inches. Riders on the shorter side generally take around a 56" stirrup Leather.
Tall dressage riders as a rule of thumb take anywhere from a 60" to 64" Leather. All of which you can find shopping with us.

Riders using a GP (or General Purpose Saddle) may like to choose a leather in between that allows for them to ride shorter and longer, depending on their individual requirements.

How to measure yourself for what length of stirrup leathers you need if you don't want to follow the above guide or want to double check (it's cool, we got you!), the following is a guide to getting a rough estimate.

Measure for Jumping length Stirrup Leathers from your armpit to the tips of your fingers, double this measurement and add a few inches.

Measure for Dressage length Stirrup Leathers from the inseam of your leg to the ankle bone, double this measurement and add around 6 inches.

The stirrup irons will add some length and the above should leave you with some excess to tuck into the keeper.

This measuring technique is merely a guideline and you should make adjustments in your calculations depending on your physical build.

Kinds of Stirrup Leathers
Firstly, Stirrup leathers come in a few different kinds of materials and styles being:

  • All Leather
  • Nylon Core Leathers
  • Synthetic
  • Webbers

'But which kind of Stirrup Straps should I use' I hear you say. Always remember, leather on leather, synthetic on synthetic is best.
Webbers are a one piece stirrup leather that offers less bulk under the legs and gives a closer feel.
Hot tip: Synthetic stirrup leathers on soft leather can potentially damage your saddle. 

Stirrup Leather Care

As with any piece of your horse riding gear you should not only clean and condition it to keep it in the best possible condition, but also to check it for any cracks or weakness in the leather that could lead to potential safety issues and gear failure.

Clean and condition your saddle and stirrup leathers regularly to keep them in tip top condition. Hot Tip: Do not leave excess conditioner to sit in the leather holes, this will lead to the leather rotting.

Don't forget, you should regularly check and swap the sides of your stirrup leathers so that you don't end up with one side more stretched than the other or one side ends up more worn than the other.

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