Ariat Womens Jeans Size Guide

Ariat Womens Jeans Size Guide

Ariat Women's Jeans Size Guide

Welcome to our Ariat Women's Jeans Size Guide! Finding the perfect pair of jeans is now easier than ever with Ariat's diverse range of denim styles. Follow this guide to understand the different fits available and ensure you select the right size for a comfortable and flattering fit. Please note as there is no Australian Conversion this is intended as a guide only.

Denim Fit Guide


1. Low Rise
Description: The Ariat Low Rise Jeans are the lowest waist and sit at the hips

2. Mid Rise
Description: The Ariat Mid Rise jeans are designed for comfort and style, featuring a mid-rise waist for a classic look. They are perfect for everyday wear and provide a flattering fit. These Ariat Jeans sit above the hips.

3. Perfect Rise
Description: For those who prefer a compromise between mid and high ride, perfect rise jeans are, well, perfect! These sit just below the waist.

4. High Rise
Description: For those who prefer a higher rise, the Ariat High Rise jeans offer a comfortable fit around the waist. These jeans provide extra coverage and are a stylish choice for various occasions. The Jeans sit at the small of the waist.

5. Ultra High Rise
Description: Ultra High rise Jeans sit a little further up than the standard high rise, sitting just above the small of the waist.


1. Trouser
Description: Slim through hip & thigh, gradually widens mid-thigh 

2. Boot Cut
Description: The Ariat Boot Cut leg opening stacks perfectly over boots.

3. Slim Trouser
Description: Slim through hip and thigh, widens just above the knee.

4. Straight
Description: Classic tapered fit with narrow leg that fits over boots.

5. Flare
Description: Slim through hip, thigh and knee. Flares below the knee.

5. Skinny
Description: Flattering and sleek. Ultrastretch denim moves with you and shapes to your figure.

Leg Length
There's nothing worse than finding a perfect pair of Jeans, only to find that are completely wrong for your height... That's why Ariat Jeans come in multiple leg lengths to help you achieve the perfect fit.

Short 31
Regular 33
Long 35
XLong 37


Size Guide:

Ariat Size Australian Size Guide Waist
24 6 24"
25 7 25"
26 8 26"
27 9 27"
28 10 28"
29 11 29"
30 12 30"
31 13 31"
32 14 32"
33 16 33"
34 18 34"

Please note as there is no Australian Conversion this is intended as a guide only.

We hope this guide helps you find the perfect pair of Ariat women's jeans! If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to our customer support.

Happy shopping! You can browse our range of Ariat Women's Jeans online here and in store.

Ariat women's jeans size guide

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