Lambskins from Mattes have the ideal blend of fine yet dense wool, and durability - they are extremely tough and make great shock-absorbers. What physical properties make Mattes lambskins stand out?

  • The open structure of the wool means that air can circulate easily between the wool fibres. This prevents heat from building up - unlike products made from neoprene, for example.
  • EA Mattes lambskins reliably balance out temperature differences and are therefore ideal for both summer and winter use.
  • Its high absorbency is also important for equestrian sport: the wool of Mattes lambskins can absorb up to eight times its own weight in moisture before it feels damp.
  • It is great at distributing pressure evenly too. The upright wool fibres prevent rubbing or chafing on the horse; instead, the wool fibres and the horse’s coat glide smoothly against each other. This avoids damage and problems arising from pressure combined with lateral movement.
  • Protein is an important part of Mattes lambskins, producing an antibacterial effect.
  • Its specific structure means that Mattes lambskins enable the horse’s muscles to continue to develop.
  • Mattes lambskins are not only washable and, with the right care, will last wonderfully for many years; we even recommend washing them in the washing machine, preferably with Mattes special MELP detergent, and drying in the tumble dryer. The tanning process used on Mattes products is specially designed to make them washable - that’s where Mattes products differ from those of other companies, who give brushing as the only recommended cleaning method; however, brushing is not sufficient to maintain the functionality of the lambskin in the long term.

In harmony with nature - the three most frequently asked questions about Mattes lambskin products

Why doesn’t Mattes use neoprene, like many other equestrian sports product manufacturers do?

With the exception of its padding properties, neoprene offers no other benefits. Quite the opposite: Dr David Marlin from England, who runs a private test institute for equestrian products, has proven that the use of neoprene lined boots creates very high temperatures; this can even damage the cell structure of the horse’s tendons. This insulating effect is what makes neoprene so useful to divers, for example, but not only is the use of this material in equestrian sport not sensible, it can even be dangerous.

Where do the lambskins come from and are Mattes products compatible with animal welfare?

Mattes lambskins come from crossbreed animals, known for their medium-fine wool with an excellent texture and superb density. Mattes buy all thier hides from Australia where trained pickers select them for us based on Mattes strict quality criteria.

You can rest assured that it's not just horses and their health that Mattes holds close to its heart, but all of nature and its creatures: the sheep are all raised in the open air under species-appropriate conditions; their Australian farmers have decades of experience and superb reputations. The sheep are actually raised for their meat, so their skins are just a by-product.

Why should I use lambskin in summer too - isn’t it much too warm and wouldn't a really thin pad beneath the saddle be much better?

The external temperature has little influence on the microclimate that is created between the horse and the saddle. The inside of your horse generates an enormous amount of heat and a light saddle pad simply can’t handle that. What's more, a thin layer does not absorb your horse’s sweat and the solid padding of the saddle is sitting almost directly on your horse’s skin.

Mattes lambskin is completely different - it effectively regulates the temperature and can absorb a lot of sweat: The wool fibres are multi-layered and have a scaly surface; these scales spread apart when they get damp, increasing their area and enabling them to absorb up to eight times their own weight in moisture. The lambskin is also great at distributing pressure evenly, preventing rubbing or chafing. This all means that Mattes lambskin products are the perfect choice for summer too.