You will need:

  • Deniro's Made to Measure form - which can be found below (Please call or email us if you cannot open and we will send you one)
  • Pen/pencil & paper to trace your feet
  • A soft tape measure (Tape measures can stretch over time so we recommend checking your tape against a hard ruler first)
  • Ideally, a friend to help you measure
  • Breeches & the socks you ride in

Tips before starting:

Measure in CMS.
You will be sitting to take the majority of your measurements - sit in a relaxed upright position. You legs should make the shape the corner of a rectangle. You calfs must be upright and not pointed out or sitting behind your knee.
If you take your measurements first thing in the morning, remember that legs will often swell during the day - this may affect when you take your measurements. 
When using a tape measure, remember not to pull to tightly
Remember to always keep the tape level when taking the circumferences of the calf.
When measuring the widest point of the calf, have a few tries to ensure you have found the correct point.
When measuring the behind the knee, have a few tries to ensure you have found the correct point.
Always measure both Legs and feet, like our horses, we're not all always symetrical.
Allow time to double check your measurements, Deniro boots are an investment and this will ensure the best fit.
Height! Height is both personal and discipline specific. For example, a showjumper or pleasure rider will not necessarily want to fit their tall boots as tall as say a dressage rider. Let us know this if this is of concern and we can talk you through the best way to go.

In addition to the order form instructions, we have included some more in depth instructions below. These come directly from Deniro Boot Co's instructional video which you will also find the link for below:
(note that our instructions appear alphabetically and may differ in order from that on the Deniro form).
From the crease at the back of the knee measure to the ground. Bend the leg slightly at the knee whilst measuring, then straighten your leg and this will give you the final measurement.
This method ensures you do not need to add any extra height to allow for drop as you would if the measurement was taken sitting down.

Be Seated.
Feel behind the back of the knee where you will find a slight indentation, take the circumference of the knee at this point (we recommend you take this measurement a few times)

Measure the circumference of the Calf at the widest point.

Measure 15cm from the ground and then take the measurement of the circumference of the leg at this point.

Wrap the tape measure from the bottom edge of the heel to the top of foot working the tape at a diagonal position.

Feel for the bone on the top arch of the foot & then take the measurement. 

Feel for the Widest part of the foot on either side. Wrap the tape measure around these points.

Begin by drawing a line at the front of the foot at the big toe and at the back of the heel (H to H)
Trace around the feet (with the pen held upright, not at an angle).
From this tracing, measure in CMS from the back of the heel to the big toe.
Do both feet and ensure you label them Left and Right as you are doing each.

Measure 20cm from the ground and then take the measurement of the circumference of the leg at this point.