Equi Cool towel for horses is a must for the tack box - designed to provide instant cooling to help get your horse cooler quicker, therefore aiding in the recovery and well being of your horse.

Great for a host of situations, for example:
While you wait for the hose at events
Whilst tacking up/untacking
Standing at the float
Horses that suffer from Anhidrosis - inability to sweat normally
Overheating horses - ie horses with high temps , great for the first aid box
When water is scarce, the Equi Cool towel only uses between 200 - 300ml of water so is good for drought conditions or when you do not have access to running water
For yourself or your team, heat stroke can be a factor when competing in the heat of the day so again, great for just in case or when you know it's going to be a scorcher

How it works:
The towel is a made from a hyper evaporative cooling technology.
To activate the towel to become 20 degrees cooler - WET, WRING and SHAKE towel (important to remember that the towel is activated by air, rather than water as likely assumed - so do wring the towel out well). When the towel becomes not cool to touch, simply take it off and give it 3 or 4 swift shakes and the air will activate it to become cool again.

It's is recommended that you use at least two towels for optimum cooling, three for large horses so you can cover the neck, saddle area and hind quarters all at once. 

The Equi Cool Towel by Animal Benefits is 140cm x 70cm and comes only in Blue. UVA 15+, UVB50+. This product must be used supervised.