“Queensland Itch” is a skin allergic reaction to the bites of Midge (Culicoides) & other insect species. It causes severe itching typically in the mane, rump and tail area. This results in excessive scratching which in turn leads to skin inflammation, loss of coat, breaking of the skin and secondary infection. All types of horses are susceptible, but some are more sensitive than others and some have hypersensitivity.

“Queensland Itch” can be severely debilitating and causes great angst to the horse who may have to wear a rug outdoors during the Itch season. There is no cure for this yet but effective relief does now exist.

Calafea is a 100% natural product that horse owners love. It has proven to be an effective Itch treatment in 89% of cases in Germany during the 2015-16 seasons.

Calafea stops the itching within minutes and can even be used on wounds. The unique blend of pure and essential oils have an antihistamine effect whilst moisturising the skin. The skin and coat regenerate very quickly. Calafea is also an insect repellent which simultaneously strengthens the natural skin barrier to ensure lasting well-being and relaxation in the paddock.