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Farmalogic Fat Pony

Farmalogic Fat Pony



Farmalogic Fat Pony is a unique combination of functional ingredients unrivalled in the market place. In New Zealand it sells under the name of Farmalogic Laminitis Fighter.

Scientific trials have demonstrated that the specific prebiotic and the omega-3 sources used in Fat Pony can improve insulin sensitivity in overweight horses.

Fat Pony contains natural anti-inflammatories, antioxidants and nutrients (including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and biotin) to support hoof and joint tissue repair, protect cell membranes from damage by free radical oxidants and improve insulin sensitivity. It is suitable to use before, during and after a laminitic episode.

Fat Pony IS NOT a stand alone vitamin and mineral supplement – so needs to be fed in conjunction with a calorie controlled, properly mineral balanced diet.