Trish Rothsey

Posted on October 12 2019


Summer can be a challenging time of year for many horse owners in Australia, especially those in Queensland.
Harsh Sun, biting insects, Itchy horses & extreme heat all have different health and well being side effects.

Here's a small list of our best selling and highly recommended items to get you through.

Natural sun protection cream developed especially for Australian conditions. Contains Zinc as well as Vitamin E and natural oils to help soothe sore skin. Water resistant and will last for days. Chemical free.


These gel-filled wraps are the perfect addition to any tack room. Not only for cooling down legs after work but also for first aid purposes.

Have them in the freezer or chuck them in the esky to take away, a quick easy alternative to traditional ice boots.

Four elastic straps mean you can get a close fit.

One of the number one questions we are asked in store is how to help with itch. If you take it all back to basics, if your horses itch is caused by biting insects - the very first thing you can do to help stop the problem is keep the bugs away.

Not only is fly spray useful for instances where horses are being made to itch, it also pays to keep those bugs away to keep insect born viruses at bay!

Whether you want something natural or something else, we carry a large range of insect repellents in sprays, creams, pour ons etc.


In parts of Australia, summer riding means sweat, and lots of it.

It's important to replace what is lost when your horse sweats. So what exactly are electrolytes and simply how do they work?

Electrolytes are chemicals that form electrically charged particles in body fluids. They play a vital role in:

Nerve impulses & muscle function, including helping rebuild damaged tissue and generating energy
Hydrating the body
Balancing blood acidity and pressure

When your horse doesn't have sufficient electrolyte concentrations in their body they are at risk of earlier onset fatigue.

Your horse may loose interest in drinking even if they become dehydrated because when both water & electrolytes are lost, the physiological trigger that tells your horse when to drink begins to malfunction.

Not just your average rug! Wild Horse uses a unique patented process that tightly bonds insect repellent deep into the fabric fibres of their rugs.

Yes, they are that bit more expensive I hear you say! But, there's a few things to consider here - (hopefully!) reduced cost and use of fly spray, the ease of JUST a rug, the added protection this gives your horse from bugs and the irration they cause both to the skin and in general - they are also great quality and an excellent fit! Loaded with extras to make your horse comfortable.


Water is life. This is an absolute tack box essential for us.
Keeping your horse hydrated is always important, but even more so during hot periods. Especially handy to have when travelling to areas with different water etc etc.

Drink-Up is a scientifically formulated blend containing floating, sinking and water flavouring ingredients which when combined encourages horses to drink to the bottom of their bucket!

As well as chasing the floating ingredients, Drink-Up contains KER Restore which helps stimulate the thirst response, encouraging your horse to drink every drop.


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