Premier Equine Air-Tech Triple Layer Sports Medicine Boots

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Simply one of the best boots on the market. PEI Triple Layer air-tech boots are anatomically designed and provide maximum support for your horses legs, whilst allowing heat to escape and cold air to pass through - vital for horses working in climates such as Australia. Recommended by many vets for the purpose of supporting all major tendons and ligaments in the horses legs. 

A special middle layer of shockproof material protects against concussion and knocks and is also perforated, allowing air to pass through easily. Also incorporated are two cushioned bars that sit either side of the tendon, these stop movement once fastened and act as protection from knocks to the tendon at either side.

Microfiber leather straps add durability and strength and also make the boots easier to use. A quick and easy alternative to bandaging. Used by professionals in all sorts of disciplines including racehorse trainers, dressage trainers, dressage riders, event riders, polo players, carriage drivers and stunt riders.


  • Tendon Support
  • Fetlock Support
  • Ligement Support
  • Suspensory Support
  • Quicker alternative to bandaging
  • Double tendon bars provide extra protection, absorption and a contoured fit
  • Constructed using one layer of shockproof material inserted between two layers of Air-Tech ventilated neoprene
  • Sold in Pairs.